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RJ Russ Voice Over Artist
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Professional Chicago Commercial Voice Actor

Bill Dance Outdoors - ESPN - The World of Beretta TV - NFL -MLB - NBA - College Sports - Harley Davidson - Dodge Ram - Suzuki - Husqvarna -More



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Automotive Car and Truck Commercials - Restaurants - Clothing & Apparel Stores- Instructional & How to Video - Concert Voiceovers - Family Restaurants

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Rich unique voice for Restaurants - Sports - Banks - Medical - Lawyer - Professor Firearms - Motorcycles - Harley -Yamaha - Suzuki- Kawasaki - BMW - Sporting Goods - Hunting Supplies - Character Actor - Narrator - Hard Sell - Smooth Sell, Car Spots - Truck Spots - SUV - Luxury automobiles... NOT JUST A PRETTY BARITONE! A Good Neighbor Voice - Confident - Bold - Warm - Excitable - Humorous - Energetic - Sexy - Characters, Cowboy - Gator Hunter - Drill Sgt. - Santa Clause - Wagon Train Cook. Deep, Exciting, Energetic, Honest, Convincing, Sincere, Fast, smooth. Loud or Soft voiceovers. Big powerful pipes, Trustworthy, Smooth Restaurant, Sultry, Sexy Deliveries. Western, Cowboy Texan, Country Ole Wagon Train Cook, Sam Elliott, Morgan Freeman, Tom Selleck, Automotive, Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Ram, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, ATV, Motorcycle Dealerships, Indian, Harley Davidson, Yard Equipmen, Husqvarna, STIHL, Lawnboy, John Deere
RJ Russ Voice Over Artist
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