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Male Voice Over Talent
Who am I? I'm a "Professional Male Voice Talent". I did not begin in the Digital Age with a laptop and microphone. I had the opportunity and pleasure of working with some of America's best, Howard Stern, The Greaseman, Steve Dahl, Jesse Bullit, Carey Curlop and Bill Young. While becoming a "Radio Talent" I was hirable for my production abilities, When it was 2 track tape machines a grease pencil and razorblade to construct the commercials. Then came the multi-million dollar mixing consoles and 8 and 24 track tape machines to mix a spot toss the razor blades :-) the Digital Age made it all easier.

A Male Voice Talent With Experience
I've been doing male voice over work 40+ years. National, regional and Europe. I've been the male voice talent for Instructional Video, Corporate Seminars both live and recorded, Power Point presentations and Telephone or Voice Mail Messaging. NO restraints on market size, small towns deserve the highest quality commercials, and rates fit to your budget .

Big Clients AND Small Markets
Male Voice Over for National and Regional voiceovers for Ford, Chevrolet, Izuzu... in Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, Kansas City, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas and Tampa...and small market dealerships in Lake Havasu City, Ardmore, Kosiusko Miss and Waco Texas. Outdoor outfitters in Bemidji Mn, Needles Ca. plus Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Triumph, Indian Motorcycle Dealerships across the country and the Harley Davidson Mechanics Training School. Mom & Pop restaurants, Hooters, golf courses, hardware stores, anime voices from Ely Minn to Houston - San Diego To Long Island.
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What are you looking for? What do you Need?
Rich unique voice For ... Restaurants - Sports - Banks - Medical - Lawyer - Professor Firearms - Motorcycles Harley, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW - Sporting Goods - Hunting Supplies- Character Actor - Narrator - Hard sell, Smooth sell, Car Spots - Truck Spots - SUV - Luxury automobiles Not just a Baritone the Good Neighbor Voice too. Confident - Bold - Warm - Excitable - Humorous - Energetic - Sexy - Guy Next Door. Characters, Cowboy - Gator Hunter - Drill Sgt. - Santa - Wagon Train Cook. Deep Voice, Exciting, Energetic, Honest, Convincing, Sincere, Fast, smooth. Loud or Soft voiceovers. Big powerful pipes, Trustworthy, Smooth Restaurant, Sultry Sexy Deliveries. Western, Cowboy Texan, Country Ole Wagon Train Cook, Sam Elliott, Morgan Freeman, Tom Selleck, Automotive, Cars, Trucks, SUVÕs, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, ATV, Motorcycle Dealerships, Indian, Harley Davidson, Yard Equipmen, Husqvarna, STIHL, Lawnboy, John Deere
RJ Russ Voice Over Artist
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